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Dear costumer, dear visitor

We present our entire stuwa catalogue to you  online. You have 
fast and target-oriented access to all of our offers and to information 
about our products and services.     


In the stuwa shop view you will find our entire range – grouped into
eight product’s worlds for easy orientation around our extensive range:
Pure Nature Candles vegan cerfied,
BIO Massage Candles, Body

Candle Massage Candles, stuwa Collection, Magnetic Candles,

stuwa Southsea Tikis, Candlearts by stuwa and stuwa Special/Event.

Immerse yourself in each product’s world

by clicking on
the pictures on the shop view homepage.



The dealer registration is easy. After filling out the required
registration form in stuwa shop dealer you can access all

of the price and product information inour shop using
your own password.   


Should you have any special requests that are not included in our ordering 

process, we will do our utmost to satisfy them. Please do not hesitate to ask.   


Of course you can continue to order our products by telephone, 

fax or email just as before.   


We hope you have fun in our shop.


Your stuwa Team