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stuwa handmade candles

stuwa candle manufacture
 We've been thinking in wax since 1920

The company stukenbrock wachswaren, founded in1920, is now run
successfully by the fourt
generation of the Stukenbrock family – a tradition
we are very proud of. Commitment to quality andcareful handling of the material
wax are the foundation for numerous of our market defining candle ideas.

Innovation resulting from tradition. Wherever candles fascinate, take
on surprising forms and are seen as coveted living accessories stuwa has been
enlivening the market for decades. Our in-house creative team never fails to create
attractive worlds of products thatenjoy great success on the market – timely, accurate
in style, occasion and target group.The new trend is to candles for health and wellness.

We regard sustainability as an obligation. For this reason, we now promote the use
renewable rawmaterials in the production of candles. Our NEW SERIES as
well as the BDIH-certificated BIO Massage Candles
are proof of this approach.

The series PURE NATURE and NATURELIGHT are vegan certified.

All stuwa products are traditionally manufactured almost entirely by hand using high quality
and, for the most part,
natural raw materials. The care in choosing the materials and in the
manufacture determines the characteristics that 
all stuwa candles display: elegant appearance,
calm and clean burn down and a long burning time: Quality you can trust. 

 Production is carried out in our own production facilities in Germany.