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Data protection statement:
We are obliged to handle your personal details with great care.  The provisions of the relevant legal norms are observed by us strictly as a matter of course.  We shall not impair your personal rights in anyway.

The transmission of your data through the internet to us will only be protected by us in those cases in which the padlock symbol is depicted closed on the status bar of your browser.  We shall reserve the right to apply this procedure for specific data which is interests of your security.  Data transmission will then be securely protected from unauthorised reading by third parties by the SSL-security system (Secure Socket Layer) in conjunction with encryption.  This is the most secure method of transmission in particular when you use your credit card number and consequently it protects you from the misuse of your data.  Of course you may also convey sensitive data over the telephone at any time.

If the SSL Option is not enabled, please remember this when transmitting other sensitive information over the internet by other applications such as e-mail for example.

If you enter data about yourself, you are allowing us to save and use it in compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act.  This information is personal data and will be handled in a confidential manner as a matter of course. You may object to this and therefore have your personal data held by us deleted at any time.

We only use and the information which we receive and save in the course of a normal visit to our web site within our shop system to dispatch orders placed with us.  We do not prepare user profiles and we do not analyse data.

There will be an exception if it is important to ward off attacks constituting criminal acts or prevent or try to impair our web pages from working properly.  In this case we shall reserve the right to take legal action.

Cookies / Java etc.
External Links:
Our web sites may contain links to other web sites.  We are not responsible for the compliance of other web sites with data protection regulations or for the contents of other web sites.  We recommend that you read through the data protection regulations of the other web sites you visit carefully.

In spite of subjecting the contents of external links to a careful check we accept no liability for them.  Only the operators of such web sites are responsible for the contents of those sites to which we have a link.  

The contents contained on the stuwa web sites are protected by copyright.  stuwa only allows all the contents of its web pages to be viewed and downloaded for personal and non-commercial use alone.

Any other use or publication of the content of stuwa web pages in other web pages on the internet is only allowed with the written consent of stuwa.  Please ask us if you wish to use our texts, data etc elsewhere!  

Any link up with other sites is only allowed with the consent of stuwa.

Download & Communication:
Downloading programmes and files of all types is at your own risk.  stuwa is nor liable for damage which is possibly caused by downloading.

We always use the latest and most secure anti virus programmes!  In spite of having up-to-date virus protection for all our communications we accept no liability for damage and adverse effects as a result of computer viruses, as provided for by law.  

The information on stuwa web sites will be prepared with the greatest of care.  stuwa shall not however, furnish any warranty for it being complete, up-to-date, or for its quality or suitability for specific uses.  The use of web pages and the contents provided on them is at the risk of the user alone.   

Trade mark rights:
It is forbidden for third parties to use any of the trade marks and logos on the web sites.

Gelsenkirchen: January 2008